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Family Athletic Passes Update!

Newest update as of 9/20/17 on the athletic passes and gift distribution: All of the gold and platinum level passes and gifts have been delivered with the exception of four families. Emails have been sent out to them regarding their pass counts and gift.

Almost all of the support level passes have/or will be delivered by this weekend. Our helpers are working hard to finish them up.

Thank you all for your patience!!!

Just an update on athletic passes and apparel!!

If you purchased your family athletic pass during registration (regular, gold or platinum) we are still working with the Board of Education to get the list of names and number of passes per family.

We are sorry that it is taking longer than planned to get these passes out to everyone but it is truly out of our control. There was a glitch during registration and we are doing our best to get everyone’s name that from that registration list.

Many of you have sent us an email and we are getting back to you asap to get you your stuff. We are also trying to put together a list to have at all the sporting events so if you don’t have your passes yet your name will be on the list.

If you are still waiting and wondering please put your family name and # of passes along with any other information necessary and send to

We appreciate your patience and are sorry for the delay!!